About HHAW

About HHAW

Peace, Unity, Love and Respect Hiphoppas!

In accordance with the Hip Hop Declaration Of Peace; “Every Third week in May is Hip Hop Appreciation Week. During this time Hiphoppas are encouraged to honor their ancestors, reflect upon their cultural contributions and appreciate the elements and principles of Hip Hop Kulture.” One of the goals of HHAW is to de-criminalize the images of Hip Hop culture that are presented to the world by the mainstream media. During HHAW, Hiphoppas are encouraged to amplify the good works we are doing in our communities through Hip Hop Kulture.

The International Hip Hop Council (IHHC) is honored to celebrate the 16th Hip Hop Appreciation Week (HHAW) May 12-19, 2013; Our theme for this year is LOVE! It is written that, “God is LOVE”, as Hiphoppas, we know that LOVE is God! It was the LOVE of God manifested as HIPHOP, a Higher Infinite Power Healing Our People, that saved us from self-destruction and from our enemies! Hiphoppas must never forget that it was the LOVE of each other, the LOVE our elements and the LOVE of our culture that sustained US and our community many years before we got involved in the entertainment industry, who has NEVER shown us real LOVE!

Hiphoppas should use HHAW as a time to remember the LOVE of the original vision, meaning and purpose of Hip Hop Kulture in our daily lives! It was LOVE that allowed us to become Hiphoppas, re-create of ourselves with a higher consciousness that made us want to IMPROVE ourselves, empower our community and make POSITIVE social changes in the WORLD! Hiphoppas know that LOVE is the most powerful energy in the universe and now more than ever before than ever it’s important for us to express LOVE to ourselves, to each other and all of humanity as often and in as many ways as possible!

It is written that you should, “LOVE God with all your heart, your soul and your mind and you should LOVE your neighbor as you LOVE yourself”. During HHAW Hiphoppas should be examples of LOVE, proving that despite the challenges we may face, LOVE gives us the ability to go beyond our temporary needs, personal feelings, and emotions, so that together, we may experience a higher level of living! When properly understood, LOVE gives Hiphoppas an inner peace that will allow you to experience Hip Hop Kulture beyond entertainment!

Minister Server’s (7) Seven Suggestions for HHAW 2013: LOVE!

  1. Hiphoppas should use LOVE to forgive yourself and others for ANY harmful thoughts, words and actions from your past and value the lessons of those experiences.
  2. Hiphoppas should show LOVE to the pioneers that laid down the foundation to establish Hip Hop Kulture, locally, nationally and internationally.
  3. Hiphoppas should show LOVE by volunteering with non-profit organizations; schools and community centers, i.e. teach a class, mentor a youth, do a show, etc.
  4. Hiphoppas should show LOVE to each other on May 16th, “Hip Hop Independence Day”, which is the day that Hip Hop Kulture presented the Hip Hop Declaration of Peace, to the United Nations in 2001.
  5. Hiphoppas should show LOVE to our youth by providing opportunities that allow them to express themselves through the elements of Hip Hop Kulture!
  6. Hiphoppas should create and/or sponsor community events that give people the opportunity to share the LOVE of their gifts, talents and creative expressions.
  7. Hiphoppas should show LOVE by contacting local, national and international media outlets about HHAW and ways to help de-criminalize the images of Hip Hop.

Hiphoppas, as we practice LOVE, this will empower us to rise above the negative stereotypes that mainstream media continue to attempt to place on our people, our ways of express and our culture. I pray that each of you have a Positive, Progressive and Productive HHAW 2013! If you have any questions or need assistance with a Hip Hop Appreciation Week event in your area please contact us, Word!

Minister Server – The Hiphop Life Coach
HIPHOP Ministries, Inc.
Universal Zulu Nation
International Hip Hop Council

Angie the Hiphop Angel

Mail: angie@hhaw.org

Minister Server

Mail: server@hhaw.org

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